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Ron Finemore Transport Enhances its Services with Real-Time Telematics Data


Robots in Production


Reduction in Manual Data Entry


Return on Investment

To augment its logistics services, Ron Finemore Transport aimed to harness real-time position and activity data for all the trucks in its fleet. In the past, providing accurate status updates for each load required the company to manually re-key the position and activity data into its transportation management system—a time-consuming task. Using Kofax RPA™, Ron Finemore Transport has automated 91 percent of the process, liberating six full-time equivalents to focus on value-added activities.

“Since we started our journey with Kofax, we’ve freed our employees from hours of boring and repetitive tasks, which enables them to focus on more rewarding activities and engage more closely with our customers.”
Darren Wood
General Manager – Technology & Innovation, Ron Finemore Transport

Meet Ron Finemore Transport

Headquartered in Wodonga, Australia, Ron Finemore Transport operates an extensive logistics network across the country’s eastern seaboard. A family-owned business founded in 2004, Ron Finemore Transport’s 650+ employees deliver a comprehensive range of transport and logistics solutions to leading enterprises including Aldi, Caltex Australia, Manildra Group of Companies, Nestlé, Simplot Australia and Woolworths.



Kofax RPA


Robotic Process Automation
Digital Transformation
Back-Office Automation