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Grow Your Business Faster

Become a Kofax partner and experience the training and technology to grow your business.

Become a Kofax Alliance Partner

Whether you’re an independent software vendor, hardware manufacturer, software reseller, strategic application or software service provider, Kofax Alliance Partners will benefit from a variety of marketing, training and support options. See how our market-leading process automation solutions can integrate with your portfolio of best-of-breed technology.

Training discounts

Expand your product knowledge and get certified.


Online resources

Support business development and customer engagements with essential sales, product launch and technical resources.


Marketing events

Learn, network and promote at conferences, roadshows, launches and webinars.


Referral fees

Earn referral fees for qualified net-new lead opportunities that result in the sale of Kofax software licenses.

Kofax Partner Solutions and Applications

We collaborate with software, hardware, consulting and reseller companies to deliver the most comprehensive business automation solutions. Kofax Alliance Partner solutions include technology applications you develop that integrate with the Kofax Intelligent Automation Platform featuring cognitive capture, RPA, process orchestration, mobility & engagement and advanced analytics.

Join the Kofax Alliance Partner Program

If your company has a software solution or hardware product that complements or integrates with a Kofax technology, or if you’re an interested services provider, we would like to hear from you. Program evaluation is based on Kofax Alliance Program solution alignment, core technology offering and competencies.
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