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Power PDF 5.0 Release Highlights

Award-Winning PDF Platform Celebrates 20 Years with the Most Feature-Rich Release Since Its Inception


Kofax Power PDF 5 Leverages Industry-Best Text Recognition, Cutting-Edge Mobile and E-Signature Technologies

Power PDF 5 is the most feature-rich release of the award-winning PDF editor in the 20 years since its inception. The latest edition of Power PDF leverages Kofax's industry-best optical character recognition (OCR) technology, enhanced integrations with Kofax SignDoc and Microsoft Office, fuzzy search, PDF A-4, and greater security and compliance capabilities. In addition, Kofax has introduced Power PDF Mobile, helping teams achieve new levels of efficiency while on the go.

The Forefront of PDF Editing

As our customers continue to create, convert and share information, Power PDF 5 delivers several new features and functionality to enhance the document management experience

Extended SignDoc Integration

Expedite digital signatures seamlessly with the new extended SignDoc integration. Safely and securely sign a document without opening a browser, reducing exposure to vulnerabilities.

PDF/A-4 Support

The ISO-standardized version of PDF, Power PDF 5 supports the latest and greatest in PDF functionality. PDF/A-4 ensures lossless featuring and includes backward compatibility for lesser formats. 

Fuzzy Search

Perform a Google-like proximity search instead of exact searches to find what you are looking for and more. Uncover typos, incomplete information and detect non-exact matches of your target query. 

Chrome Browser Extension

Available for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Allows user to open a document in Kofax Power PDF, loading current in-memory PDF files. Create a PDF from the webpage, add it to an existing PDF and send it in an e-mail or your document management service.

Kofax Power PDF Mobile app

Stay connected wherever you go. Open and view digital documents and immediately access an array of powerful mark-up tools. Built-in bookmarks and thumbnail views let you navigate with ease. E-signature solutions allow users to sign and send documents with custom profiles. Kofax Power PDF Mobile is everything you need right in your pocket.